Reconnect to yourself.
Redefine your relationships.
Renew a love for life.



My name, Safiatou,
means confidante,
and that is just
what I intend this
space to be for you.


This is the place you can open up, explore without judgement, vent and move forward, always supported in your wish for things to be better for you.

Until now, you've prided yourself in being loving and generous. You'd never call yourself perfect but you know you're a good person at heart. But right now, for some reason, where you are doesn't seem to be enough anymore. Somehow, things are a little stuck and you're not sure why.

You may have arrived here looking for a way to find a way past the 'stuckness'. You sense there is more to life and love than this, but it seems so hard to get there - wherever there is. You know there is a way to make your relationship shine and for you to flourish but you're just missing the map on how to get there.


I get it. I've been there.

When I was stuck, I did what I did best. I gave more and more of myself in every relationship to be a 'better person', more 'loving/loveable' and to feel more significant. In fact, I gave so much of myself that I ended up losing my ability to protect myself on all levels. I questioned my own opinions, compromised my beliefs, did foolish things and let worse be done to me. I even got to a point where I literally lost my balance, feeling dizzy and unstable on my feet, whilst I tried to hold everything together.

When I finally felt the impact physically, I knew I had to change something, do something different. For the last five years, I've been dedicated to helping and healing myself, understanding that that was the best foundation to any healthy relationship in my life.

Now I am settled in life as a Relationship Mentor and a Reiki Master dedicated to fostering a calm, compassionate, non-judgemental place in which you can rediscover a sense of peace in yourself, a feeling of completion for you and a pure sense of connection with your life.

What I am passionate about is helping you finding a way to thrive in life before things get as hard as they did for me. Through mentoring and/or Reiki, I invite you to find your own sense of balance once again. I'll share all I've learnt to help you connect to what's important to you first and, from that place, then redefine your relationships so that all spheres of your life support, sustain and strengthen you.

It all starts here and it starts now. You ARE on the right track, there IS more to love and life than this. I'm so excited for your journey and I will be honoured if I can help you in any way.

So please, make yourself at home and may you find what you need.

Safi xx

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