“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”  
- William James


You're a generous, loving and loyal soul and you pride yourself in how you support others. You have some amazing relationships around you so why aren't they all equally successful? Instead, some are stuck, jarring on the same issues time and time again. They're filled with nagging and those annoying little niggles. There are good days and bad days, but it's been a while since things felt great. You know what you want to avoid and what seems possible. Yet, the more you try to improve or change things up, nothing sticks and the old patterns seem to cycle round again. Now you are:

  • still putting everyone else's needs above yours
  • anxious, frustrated or insecure in the challenging relationships
  • seeing communication and connection breaking down

People most often come to me when:

  • they know they are losing their sense of self and need to reaffirm who they are
  • they love the people concerned but don't know how to rebuild the relationship 
  • they are caught in patterns of behaviour that just 'isn't them' and they want to break out of them

Well, it's my mission as a Relationship Mentor to support you in finding your answers. Together, we will collaborate to shift perspectives, focus and energy to help you and your relationships thrive. We focus on you, not because things are your fault,  but because it's about time you stopped people-pleasing so much and gave yourself a chance to be you. We use the issues in the relationships to work out your pain points, priorities and how to progress forward in your own unique way so that you are not only more comfortable in the challenging relationships but in your relationship with you. 


The All-In-One

COMING 2017. Available as a 4 or 8 week immersion package inc. mentoring, Reiki and a personalised yoga program.

The One-To-One

A safe space in which you work out how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

You're The One

eCourses or eBooks to take yourself through a focused area of study. Options include two coaching calls at a time that suits you.


Reiki Sessions

Yoga Sessions

Reiki sessions can be booked individually or in blocks of 3 according to your preference.


COMING FEB '17 Check my class schedule or to book a private 4 - 6 week program for a small group.


Safi has helped me see more angles and perspectives on my relationships. Her calm nature, and her depth of knowledge and insightfulness has guided me through the often muddied and confused world of relationship without forgetting who I am.