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Ferguson St
Forestville, NSW, 2087

This space is for you. Reconnect to yourself. Redefine your relationships. Renew your love for life.

Relationship Mentor | Reiki Practitioner



Reconnect to yourself, redefine your relationships, renew a love for life.

Most of us try to establish the perfect dynamic in our relationships whilst surrounded by mixed messages of what we should expect, tolerate, dream of. In the midst of the confusion, you may have fallen into the trap I did, giving far too much of yourself for 'the good of the relationship' and to be 'loving'. You may pride yourself in your generosity of spirit, but right now, you know that it's not serving you anymore. You feel lost, frustrated and worn out. I know exactly how that feels.

What I am passionate about is helping you, through mentoring and/or Reiki, is to support you finding your own sense of balance once again. My mission is to create a safe space that allows you to reconnect to who you are, re-establish what's important to you and then help you to redefine your relationship as strong, supportive, and sustaining. Because, when your relationship is thriving, life is infinitely happier.

Thank you for stopping by.
Safi xx